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The New Age Release New Single “To Be Alive”

Crafting a sound that inspires introspection, vigor, and hope with a shot of adrenaline is the goal of Columbus, OH natives The New Age. The heavy rock/alternative quartet will be releasing their debut full-length album Placebo on February 23rd and have released the single “To Be Alive”….

Blessing A Curse Release Official Live Video for “Every Single Lie”

Orlando-based metalcore band Blessing A Curse has released their new music video, “Every Single Lie”. The track comes from their latest album Satisfaction from the Vengeful, released on Smartpunk Records last year….

Roots Like Mountains Release “Dead Man” Official Music Video

Denver aggressive rock outfit, Roots Like Mountains have changed to a whole in sound in their new single, “Dead Man“, off their forthcoming album TBA. “The new single stems from a place of questioning what we have been told and feeling as if you have lost it all in the process of finding the answers you’re looking for,” says…