KillSet Performing in Rocklahoma

​ ​Coming from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles is Killset, a band with much to prove and sound as destructive as any mainstream rock will be heading out and performing at Rocklahoma on May 25th.  They will make their way and will be making their debut in TEXAS!! Killset released their sophomore album S.T.F.U on 7th July 2017, using producer Eddie…

SKUMLOVE releases new single “Devil May Sing”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Los Angeles, California – Music Gallery International is excited to announce that industrial dark rock debauchers SKUMLOVE are releasing their latest single “Devil May Sing,” available digitally on May 15th. The title of the band’s upcoming single is a play on words of the devil-may-care attitude crossed with the sounds of a church choir singing. The…


Hello, my name is Shawn Lyon (Sonic).  I have been a musician for about 30 years and a performer for about 20.  I have learned so many music business situations the hard way.  Which has motivated me to write this Ebook titled“”.  I go into detail on how to prepare yourself for obtaining music endorsements and/or…

Watch Them Fly Interview

Metalcore has finally leveled up and Watch Them Fly from Minneapolis are leading the charge.   Give their social medias some love and play the video because it’s an ass kicker. Now onto the interview. What’s the most popular misconception about the music scene in Minnesota? The biggest misconception would be that hip hop doesn’t…

BOSTON To Embark On 40th-Anniversary Tour

Rock legends BOSTON will embark on the 40th-anniversary tour on April 29 in Hollywood, Florida. As Tom Scholz wrote in the rock anthem on the BOSTON album “Don’t Look Back”, “It’s a Party, Party, Party!” Indeed, the 40th-anniversary BOSTON tour promises to be a celebration honoring the group’s loyal fans. Many of them have supported BOSTON since 1976 when the debut album, “Boston”, first hit the airwaves and took rock radio by storm, so it’s not surprising to see concert audiences that span generations. Always a huge crowd pleaser with its high-energy stage show, out-of-this-world sound, and remarkable musicianship and singing, BOSTON prides itself on performing a totally live show without the use of prerecorded music or technical enhancements, delivering the extraordinary sound that is faithful to their studio recordings. BOSTON became an iconic classic rock fixture when they joined the music scene with their self-titled album in 1976. With over 17 million copies sold, “Boston” generated hits such as “More Than A Feeling”, “Peace Of Mind” and “Smokin'”, rock staples that are still in heavy radio rotation today. Their second album, “Don’t Look Back”, was another chart-topper that confirmed their place in rock history, followed by “Third Stage”, which hit #1 on the charts, with the top single of 1986, “Amanda”. With over 31 million albums sold to date, BOSTON has stood the test of time. Fans can expect to hear all the classic songs they have grown to love, and will be treated to wild Hammond organ work, soaring harmony guitars, and exceptional vocal arrangements, as well as BOSTON‘s unique visual stage presentation and plenty of extra-terrestrial sounds heard nowhere else on earth. Tour dates: Apr. 29 – Hollywood, FL – Seminole Hard Rock Apr. 30 – Clearwater, FL – Ruth Eckerd Hall May 01 – Savannah, GA – Johnny Mercer Theatre May 04 – Charlotte, NC – Uptown Amphitheatre May 05 – Greensboro, NC – White Oak Amphitheatre May 06 – Raleigh, NC – The Red Hat Amphitheatre May 07 – Baltimore, MD – Pier Six Pavilion May 18 – Cleveland, OH – Jacob’s Pavilion at Nautica May 21 – New Buffalo, MI – Silver Creek Event Center May 25 – Huber Heights, OH – Rose Music Center Jun. 24 – Englewood, CO – Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre Aug. 04 – Baton Rouge, LA – River Center Arena Aug. 09 – Bethlehem, PA – Musikfest Aug. 11 – Uncasville, CT – Mohegan Sun Arena


Former ANTHRAX Singer NEIL TURBIN Reviews Band’s New Album ‘For All Kings’ (Video)

Former ANTHRAX singer Neil Turbin reviewed the band’s latest album, “For All Kings”, for Canada’s The Metal Voice. You can now watch the clip below. Speaking about the CD, Turbin said: “‘You Gotta Believe’, the first song on the album, it sounds kind of like a soundtrack for a movie. And you don’t know what movie it is; it’s just long intro. The song ‘For All Kings’ [is] probably not one of my favorite songs on the album, just because of the melody of the vocals. I’m just not… I don’t know… It just doesn’t… It doesn’t do it for me personally. I would say that ‘Breathing Lightning’ is probably the best song on the album. That one, the vocals are less quirky than in other tracks; it really tends to sit more in the track. The riff reminds me of, probably, their ‘Among The Living’ or ‘Spreading The Disease’ timeframe-type riffs. I would say ‘Zero Tolerance’ I thought was an interesting song. It very much reminds me of an old JUDAS PRIEST riff where the vocal follows the guitar, like ‘The Ripper’. The song ‘Blood Eagle Wings’, I think that one’s a little bit more interesting. On the ‘Monster [At The End]’ song, they keep saying something about underwear. Listen to the lyrics: ‘Underwear… underwear.’ I don’t know why people sing about their underwear. That does not excite me. Certainly it sounds tight. The band sounds professional. Obviously, the singer can sing. That’s not what we’re talking about. It’s more so just the sound is quirky on the vocal, just the feel of how the vocal melody attaches to the guitar riff and so forth, or just the feel of the song. But, you know, that is part of what the current ANTHRAX sound is. But, overall, I think the album will probably do well for them, and all the best to ’em.” Turbin in 2014 slammed Scott Ian over the ANTHRAX guitarist’s portrayal of the vocalist in “I’m The Man: The Story Of That Guy From Anthrax”, saying: “I find it very sad that somebody I’ve had no contact for 30 years feels that it’s necessary to fabricate lies about me in order to draw attention to themselves.” He added: “I wish them all the luck in the world on their new work of fiction. I’m sure it must be as good as ‘The Lord Of The Rings’.” In a published excerpt from the book, which was released in October 2014 via Da Capo Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group, Ian detailed his tensions with Turbin — vocalist on ANTHRAX‘s 1984 debut album, “Fistful Of Metal” — and the band’s split with original bassist Danny Lilker, a period of time that Scott describes as “the worst moment for me in the history of ANTHRAX.” “As soon as we started touring to support ‘Fistful Of Metal’, Neil got ultra-cocky,” Scott wrote. “He felt like he was the boss man, and he became inflexible. His attitude was, ‘I’m the singer and it’s my way or the highway.’ He thought we’d be dead without him. The shitty thing is, he was right. We were on the fast track. Jonny Z [founder of ’80s metal label Megaforce Records] was managing us, and he was bringing RAVEN back in the summer of 1984 to tour like they did the year before with METALLICA opening, and this time we were scheduled to open all the dates, starting May 30. Everything was already announced and planned, and if we lost our singer, we’d have had to cancel. Jonny wasn’t going to wait around for us. There were other bands he was talking to like OVERKILL and LEGACY (which became TESTAMENT). We had to strike while the iron was hot, and that gave Neil the ability to pull all these power plays. “The biggest dick move Neil ever pulled was when he fired Danny Lilker behind our backs after ‘Fistful’ came out in January 1984. The main reason he did it, in my opinion, was because Danny is taller than him. He honestly didn’t think someone should be taller than the front man onstage. He thought it made him look bad, so he tried to stand as far away from Danny as possible, which was hard when we were playing stages the size of ping pong tables.” In a 2009 interview with, Turbin stated about his departure from ANTHRAX: “I was a member of ANTHRAX from August 1982 up until August 1984. I was a member of ANTHRAX for exactly two years. The reason I left… well, there were a number of things, actually. The whole relationship started to deteriorate after a while, there was definitely backstabbing from certain people who chose to hang around with other people instead of focusing in the band. I was into metal… focused on music while Scott Ian and Charlie Benante [drums] formed an alliance and Dan Spitz [guitar] just followed. In a matter of months, it was simply a case of them versus me. It was very difficult to deal with them, because it was obvious that we wouldn’t get along and they were also more interested in other things than music… at least back then. We didn’t establish a trusted friendship within the band… that’s for sure!”

DEATH ANGEL: Pro-Shot Footage Of WACKEN OPEN AIR Performance

Professionally filmed video footage of DEATH ANGEL‘s August 2015 performance at the Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany can be seen below. DEATH ANGEL has set “The Evil Divide” as the title of its new album, due on May 27 via Nuclear Blast. The CD was once again recorded at AudioHammer studios in Sanford, Florida with producer Jason Suecof, who previously worked on 2010’s “Relentless Retribution” and 2013’s “The Dream Calls For Blood”. Mastering duties were handled by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound in New York City. Songtitles set to appear on the effort include “Father Of Lies” and “Lost” DEATH ANGEL vocalist Mark Osegueda told about working with Suecof again: “It’s the third time we’ve used him, and we couldn’t really be happier.” He continued: “This time, all the music was written and lyrics were written with the exception of one song, which I purposely saved to write on the spot. “Sometimes you can get a great vibe from a studio and draw inspiration from that. That song came out great. Mark added: “It’s got the aggressiveness of the last two records, but our songwriting has improved dramatically. Really, it sounds like DEATH ANGEL should.” Osegueda told Rock Hard magazine about DEATH ANGEL‘s mindset going into the songwriting process for the upcoming CD: “When we started working with Jason Suecof for the last two records, ‘Relentless Retribution’ and ‘The Dream Calls For Blood’, we thought we were gonna do two records intense like that and kind of go back [to the more] melodic [direction of 1990’s] ‘Act III’, but the last two records, we’ve been loving so much writing that style, and the crowds have been enjoying them so much. “In our minds, even if we think we’re being more brutal than we’ve ever been, it’s inevitable that we are obsessed with melody, so there’s always gonna be melody that separates us from, say, different thrash bands or extreme bands, because we always veer to a melody and catchy hooks. No matter how brutal we think we’re being, we like to throw in hooks, so we’re just gonna carry on how we’re doing now and try to pick as many of the young punters there and keep our stronghold on the old punters.”

Bassist For Ohio Black Metal Band SATANICON Suspected In Murder-Suicide

According to the Sandusky Register, the bassist of the Ohio black metal band SATANICON (Facebook page) is suspected of killing his girlfriend before shooting himself early Sunday morning. Raphael Greaves, 36, and Angela Tierney, 31, were both dead when police got to the scene. Tierney called 911 just after midnight on Sunday. In the recording of the 911 call, she can be heard telling Greaves, “I’m sick of this [expletive]. This is ridiculous. I was sitting there not doing anything. I didn’t do anything!” She then came on the line to speak to the dispatcher, saying, “Hello, my boyfriend just [expletive] threw me up against the wall by my (inaudible). He’s coming at me right now.” She added: “I didn’t do anything. Drunk and goes ballistic, as always. Every [expletive] weekend I have to deal with this.” The recording then captured screaming before the phone went dead. “Initially the call was a physical domestic taking place and unfortunately when officers found a female deceased and a male that was deceased also,” Sandusky Lieutenant Scott Dahlgren told Greaves, who worked as a truck driver, was open about his Satanism, having posted photos of a dark room adorned by a poster displaying the symbol of Lucifer as well as of his new tattoos of the symbols of Lucifer and the Necronomicon, a black magic textbook featured in the works of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. “I think it was the alcohol that drove him to do it, and not Satanism,” Greaves‘s SATANICON bandmate Joe Aufricht told Sandusky Register. “I’m still trying to process it,” Aufricht added. “I knew Ray was a little funny when he drank. I never imagined he would do anything like that.” Greaves, also known as “Grave Desecrator“, previously played with the bands SKELETONIZED, LORD ASMODEUS and BLOOD COVEN. Tierney is reportedly survived by a 9-year-old son.

I carry a knife on me at all times just in case anyone tries anything with me. HAIL SATAN!!!!

Posted by Raphael Greaves on Thursday, April 16, 2015

Check out a couple of my toys. Both are old 44 calibers

Posted by Raphael Greaves on Sunday, February 14, 2016

Former GUNS N’ ROSES Guitarist DJ ASHBA Says He Was ‘Treated Like Gold’ By AXL ROSE

Former GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist DJ Ashba says that he was “treated like gold” by the band’s lead singer, Axl Rose, during his six-year stint with the group. During an appearance on the SiriusXM show “Dirty Sexy Funny” with host Jenny McCarthy, Ashba was asked how difficult it was dealing with Axl on a scale of 1 to “Kanye West,” with “Kanye” signifying the most difficult a person can be, Ashba said: “It got difficult here and there. I mean, he’s definitely a unique character.” He added: “You know what? I had the best time of my life doing it. I’m grateful. But he’s the kind of guy that he has a very tight-knit circle, and I was fortunate enough to be a part of that tight-knit circle. And he’s always treated me like gold. So, as far as what I can say, I have not a bad word to say. Although I do know if you cross him, he can turn more into the Kanye side of things.” Ashba, who joined GUNS N’ ROSES in March 2009 following the departure of Robin Finck, issued a statement in July 2015 saying that he was leaving the band. His statement read in part: “It is with a very heavy heart and yet great pride that I announce that I’ve decided to close this chapter of my life and encapsulate the wonderful times that I’ve shared with GUNS N’ ROSES into fond memories. I have reached a point in my life where I feel its time to dedicate myself to my band SIXX: A.M., my adoring wife and family, and to the many new adventures that the future holds for me.” Ashba added: “I want to take a moment to thank Axl from the bottom of my heart for not only the most incredible experience of my life, but for truly believing in me. You are a true friend and a champion of mine and I am forever grateful. And even as I move on to pursue other endeavors, I will always remain one of your biggest fans. I also would like to thank each and every one of you fans for your love and support throughout the years.” Ashba said earlier in his statement that working with GUNS N’ ROSES was “the most incredible journey I could have possibly imagined.”

DeadAudioSaints Interview

Check out this gem we found! DeadAudioSaints have the Innerpartysystem vibe only updated to the modern era and with more kickassery.  Hailing out of festive old England this four piece rules the roost in their hood and are getting ready to jump the pond over to us.  Give their tunes a spin while you dig into…