(By McFearsome) A New Way to Live Forever out of Florida combine the rock of Foo Fighters and the riffs of The Killers with an interesting originality that is hooky, manages to pave new musical roads that are still accessible and most importantly rockin’.  With reported new music coming in 2016 I think this time next year ANWTLF will be landing on many Top Ten lists.   .

Please introduce yourselves and tell me about the members of the band. 

Russ Rogers, singer, guitarist, principle songwriter. Russ never stops writing and is empathetic to a fault.

Daniel Dyer, guitar, vocals. Former aviation junkie, and photographer. Friends with Russ for years and years His old band played a couple shows with his in South Florida, late 90s.

Phil Tucciarone, drums. Has been performing music with Russ since before they were in the Numb Ones and feels this band is the natural evolution forward (and beyond). He’s unnaturally into design, and do most of the band’s art.

Steven Velez, usually EV or Velez. Bass. Along with Russ, was bassist in the original ANWTLF line up since it’s inception, in 2008.

Steven Rose. Guitar. The newest addition, but I’ve known Russ for years and is glad to finally be performing with him.

Russ: We’re all friends. We’ve known each other for quite some time. We all get along really well and we love performing together. Everything else is just icing on the proverbial cake.

I love the song “Valley Metro” please tell me about it?  What’s the story behind the lyrics?

Russ: The music was written by our original guitarist, Todd Evans, while I wrote the words and melodies. Someone once told me about an occasion where they took acid in a fairly unfamiliar metropolitan city and then immediately got on the city bus with their friend. The song is basically my vision of 2 acid-infused rebels trying not to lose their shit while having an acid trip on a city bus ride.

What steps did you take to get people’s attention? How would you say you helped in getting yourselves discovered?

Russ: I’ve always focused on the music first. Catchy melodies with memorable hooks, both musically and lyrically. I think our recent successes have just been a culmination of years of steady forward momentum, and not ‘giving up.’ Discovered or not, we would still be doing what we’ve been doing, hopefully spreading our music to more and more people as time goes on.

Do you prefer red or black licorice? Why?

Daniel: RED. Twizzlers!! Jagermeister and NyQuil, only as needed.

Who would you consider to be some of your musical influences?

Russ: Prince, Slayer, Fugazi, Maggie’s Dream, Killing Joke, early Kravitz

How would you describe ANWTLF’s sound?

Russ: As with most bands, or songwriters, I believe you become a blend of your influences. So yes, if Prince fooled around with some metal bands, you may get a baby that looks like ANWTLF. Lots of soul that kicks your ass when it needs to. We’ve been called a newer grunge, but I think that only stems from our other rock influences. Foo Fighters meets Kings of Leon meets the Killers… ish.

What are some of the inspirations that lead you to your songs?

Russ: I write mostly from personal experiences, especially when I’ve written the music. During the first phase of the band, Todd would write music also. Balloon for instance… When I heard it for the first time, it sounded inspiring, and lifting, Like we’re all in this life together, so I’ll help you when I can, and I hope you’d do the same for me. Occasionally, I’ll get inspired by a movie or a television show. Monkey In The Middle, from our EP Rumoura, is about Jesse and Jane’s tumultuous relationship in Breaking Bad. But, the music always comes first and it’s feeling and mood evoke words which eventually form some kind of story.

Where would you like to see yourselves in five years?

Russ: I’d like to be working on our third full length album, and in a position to be steadily getting these songs out of my head and into the world.

In the event that a zombie apocalypse occurred in conjunction with an alien invasion, what weapons would you use for protection? Details!

Evasion and stealth (more skills than weapons)… I think we humans should all go underground, let the aliens and zombies duke it out. I have a feeling the Aliens will win but hopefully their numbers will have thinned a bit so that we can finally rise up and take them on ourselves. We will want to have taken measures to find any weaknesses the aliens might have and develop weapons while underground to exploit them.

What strengths do you possess as a group that you believe will help you in achieving your career goals?

Russ: As I mentioned, first and foremost, we’re friends. When I decided to revisit ANWTLF, I wanted the best people and best musicians I know to help carry this message. Since then, our drive and determination continue to lead us down new avenues. When it comes to being asked to do shows, we try to do as many as are offered within reason. We’ve discovered a chance meeting at a small gig may turn into something unimaginably huge in the future. Basically, we are not stopping.

What can fans expect to see at your stage shows?

We try to create an energetic experience for shows, a journey. We want the audience feel like they’re in this moment with us, this roller-coaster, not knowing what turns are coming next. And when the show is over, we hope they want to ride again.

When can your fans expect to see you on tour?

We’re looking to finish our third EP, MONUMENT by the end of 2015, and will likely have some newer music right on it’s heels. So, hopefully mid to late 2016, we will start a run through the US.

If you were only allowed to eat one food and one drink for the rest of your days, what food and drink would you choose? Why?

For food… Shabu-shabu. If you’ve had it, you’d know! …and champagne. Never is there a bad time to drink champagne.

If you could ask yourself one question what would it be?  

I’ve always wanted to be asked, “if you could bring back to life one historical figure to have a conversation with, who would it be, and why?” Maybe you’ll ask me this next time.