Metalcore has finally leveled up and Watch Them Fly from Minneapolis are leading the charge.   Give their social medias some love and play the video because it’s an ass kicker. Now onto the interview.

What’s the most popular misconception about the music scene in Minnesota?

The biggest misconception would be that hip hop doesn’t have a huge following in Minnesota, when actually we have one of the largest underground hip hop scenes in the country.

To most outsiders, Minnesota is known largely for SPAM, large balls of twine, malls, lakes, hockey, and Prince. How did these cultural influences steer you towards creating metal music?

They really didn’t have any impact on us at all, hence why we make metal music.

What was each band member’s most embarrassing extracurricular activity during middle/high school?

Paul was a part of the color guard. Corey did fencing. They used to call him “The Spleenator.” Nick was first chair clarinet. Austin played too much Halo and was nicknamed “The Noble 6.”

What are your goals for Watch Them Fly? Where do you see yourselves in five years?

We would like to record and release our full-length album, tour as much as possible, meet as many fans as we can, hear their stories, and continue doing that forever if we can.

You wake up tomorrow and realize you are Donald Trump’s comb over. What is your first thought?

After 70 years I still have a tremendous amount of volume, without using conditioner.

What has been your fans’ reaction to The Veil so far? What has been the best praise the EP has received?

Fans have been really digging this EP and are extremely pumped for our next album, since The Veil was a teaser EP for the overall sound of our full length in which we are currently writing. The best praise we have gotten is how we can take different aspects of the metal genre and combine it into our own sound.

There seems to be a theme carried between “Old Ways” and “The Veil” about graves and being saved. Is there an intentional connection between the title tracks of each EP and can you expound upon the meaning of the songs?

There is an internal connection between all of our music. The more music we continue to release, the more people will pick up on the underlying foreshadows found in our previous music. We’re just setting the groundwork for a larger story that everyone will just have to stick around and listen to!

Paul has mentioned that the reason the band makes music is to help people. Have you encountered any fans that have shared personal stories of how your music has helped them overcome obstacles or hardship in their lives?

We have, and it is always humbling every time a fan shares with us how much our music has helped them through whatever hardships were thrown their way.

Where do you get the inspiration for your lyrics and melodies?

Paul: My lyrics and melodies almost feel as if they come through me, like I’m being used as a vessel to convey a certain message or feeling.

What is the best live show you’ve ever seen? What made it remarkable?

Paul- Tom Petty with Pearl Jam and Robin Trower live: Unreal!!
Corey- Muse: It opened his soul
Nick- Lynard Skynard Cover Band

The Veil was released last month. Has the band been working on any new music yet? Can you give us any spoilers?

Yeah, the whole time we have been writing our first full-length album and hope to have that out within the next year.

Can fans look forward to an upcoming tour this fall/winter?

We are really busting our ass to make this happen, so hopefully we will have that all hashed out and can tour this winter.